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      Orders and Shipping

      COVID-19 Update

      We are doing everything we can to protect the well-being and safety of our community as coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the world. We work with various distribution facilities which have increased the frequency of sanitation and enforced social distancing plans. They have also implemented restricted schedules and smaller teams. As such, you may experience a longer delay in order processing before your package ships out while we navigate this new normal. We truly appreciate your patience and apologize in advance for any extended wait.

      Can I make changes to my order before it ships?

      Unfortunately, because each item is make just for you, we cannot make changes or cancel an order after it has been submitted.

      Why was I charged Tax?

      We are responsible for collecting sales tax in Wisconsin, our home base, and in some cases other states as well. Tax laws are continually changing on a state by state basis and you may be charged sales tax even if you were not on a previous order. 

      Read more on this topic: https://www.aicpa.org/advocacy/state/south-dakota-v-wayfair.html


      Will I be charged right away when I place an order?

      Yes, the card you entered during the checkout process will be charged upon submission of the order. We do not store payment information for security purposes.

      How long will it take my order to get to me?

      Orders typically ship within 2-3 business days of receipt during non-peak times or seasons.

      How do I track my order?

      When your order ships you will receive a separate email providing you with a tracking number to track the shipping process. Keep in mind some times this email is routed to spam. Please check in all folders to ensure receipt. 

      Please note tracking can sometimes be delayed or not accurately updated. Once an item has left our warehouses, it is on it's way to you!

      Do you ship internationally?

      At this time we do not ship internationally.

      I did not receive my order, what do I do?

      Well shoot. Let's get on this right away. If your package has been marked as delivered, time to ask other members of the household if they gathered up packages. If no, it may have been lifted by Sally down the street. She's always seemed a little shifty to us. 

      You will need to file a claim with the carrier. If there is no conclusion after two weeks, please let us know at info@lake-trading-post.com, and we will look into replacing or crediting your order. 
      If the tracking hasn't been updated in an unusually long time, chances are the package was lost in transit. You will need to file a claim with the carrier. If there is no conclusion after two weeks, please let us know at help@lake-trading-post.com, and we will look into replacing or crediting your order. 
      If the shipping address was a temporary location we do not assume responsibility if the recipient is no longer at that address upon delivery within the projected shipping timeline.

      Returns and Exchanges

      What is your return/exchange policy?
      You can find our return/exchange policy by clicking here.
      How do I make a return/exchange?
      You can find the answer to this question on our refund policy page here
      My item arrived damaged, what should I do?
      Please send a photo to us at help@lake-trading-post.com and include your order number so we can take a closer look and help with a solution.